Men's Hockey Team Participates in Firefighter Training


HAMILTON — The Colgate men’s hockey team joined the Madison County Fire Department for a simulation of firefighting training activities on Aug. 27.

Douglas Shattuck, the Madison County Fire Coordinator, led the event along with a team of firefighters.

“It was a pleasure supporting this team-building activity for the Colgate men’s hockey team at our fire training facility. I enjoyed exposing these young athletes to some of the skills we use to train our firefighters,” Shattuck said. “There is always tremendous satisfaction in taking individuals with passion and developing them into a team to serve a common goal.”

The day began with the team listening to Shattuck and his staff speak about firefighting and the importance of being physically fit and mentally tough. Shattuck also explained how firefighters must have good communication and a sense of trust and teamwork.

After watching a demonstration, the players split into four groups to participate in different training activities firefighters use to prepare for real situations.

The first activity tested strength and endurance, having to climb stairs with a fire hose. Another was a forcible entry situation simulated on a Keiser machine. The team also learned how to deploy a fire hose and effectively remove an unresponsive person from a critical situation.

Colgate Associate Head Coach Dana Borges commended Shattuck and his staff for the opportunity and their work.

“We are so appreciative of Doug and his staff for giving us a new perspective on the many qualities crucial to building a successful team. We are very fortunate to be able to play a game we love, but at the end of the day it is a game,” Borges said.

“These courageous men and women put themselves at risk for the good of others and the community. Working alongside these individuals helped create an admiration for everything they do and a relationship that our program will continue to foster.”

Senior Arnaud Vachon praised the firefighters for their work and thought the training benefited the team greatly.

“I believe the training allowed us to have a different level of respect for the overall fitness of firefighters. It also taught us the importance of teamwork, trust, discipline, and paying attention to detail. It was a great way for us to get together as a team and push each other beyond our limits, which will be useful as we look to have another successful year,” Vachon said.

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